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Forklift Training In West Virginia

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Req. 1910.178 stated that all individuals interested to work as a forklift operator must have proper forklift training. This regulation was given to prevent further accidents related to forklifts. That is why the states of West Virginia strictly follows this regulation and recommend those applicants to have the training they need.

Applicants have a lot of options to choose when it comes to forklift operator training. One of the fastest ways to achieve a forklift certification is through online training. Internet has helped many individuals who are in need of certifications in various jobs and forklift training is one of them. To get a valid certification, enroll only on websites approved by OSHA. Note that your forklift certification will be invalid if it is not approved by OSHA. Make sure you get the right forklift training site so that you don’t have to waste more money.

Another way to attain your certification is through “Train the Trainer” program. This program is designed for industrial company employers who wish to train their employees. Train the Trainer program will teach them the things to know in order to train their own employees. This training however, is a good deal for those who are already employed in an industrial company. So if you are currently employed, check your company if they are offering this kind of training.

The best way to get forklift operator training is by enrolling in an OSHA certified training center or school. Many applicants have proven that getting classroom training and practical driving test has helped them perform well in actual forklift jobs. Classroom training will equip applicants with the knowledge about forklift operations, the safety practices when operating a lift truck as well as knowing the theories used and applied in powered industrial trucks. After the classroom training, a written exam will be given. If this exam is passed, trainees can then take the practical driving test. This test will be conducted in different working conditions and students will be evaluated by certified instructors. They will be observed on how well they can apply what they have learned during classroom training. If this part is passed, a certification valid for three years will be granted to them.

To give you an idea about to expect during classroom training, here are some of the common topics discussed:

  • General characteristics of the forklift unit
  • Principles of operation
  • Inspection and safety concerns
  • Load safety
  • Equipment considerations
  • Personnel safety
  • Load safety
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Breaks and gears of forklifts
  • Load handling and lifting
  • Traveling with load
  • Placing the load
  • Refueling and recharging of the forklift unit
  • Lifting of employees
  • Pedestrian traffic

These topics may vary in other training areas. So understand that these may not be the same in other training centers. Any additional topic may be given. Classroom training may last at least 4 hours or more depending on the instructor.

A forklift operator certificate must be renewed every three years along with a reevaluation. This is to update the forklift operator of the latest trends in forklift operation. Always keep your certification valid so that you can continue your services as a forklift operator. Employees who are found out to have no valid certification upon inspection may be fined with at least $1,000-$7,000. So be sure to keep your certification updated and valid.

Forklift operators can work in many industrial parts in West Virginia. This is the beauty of having the right certification and training. You have the opportunity to work anytime and anywhere.




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