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Forklift Training In North Dakota

North Dakota is home to many agricultural and energy industry ranking twenty ninth among the nation in terms of economy. With this being said, the employment in this state is very much agreeable to anyone seeking work. If you are looking for a job to start with, apply as a forklift operator. But before you can gain the benefits of this job, you must first have proper training. This is in adherence to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Req. 1910.178. As stated in this requirement, all individuals interested in working as a forklift operator must have training in order to ensure quality performance and safety towards the driver as well as the people working around powered industrial trucks.

To acquire a forklift operator certificate, applicants must enroll in an OSHA approved facility. This can be in a vocational school, colleges or if the training school you enrolled to have their own place to conduct training then even better. During training students will have the classroom training and forklift driving evaluation. These training will teach each student the importance of knowing the forklift and the safety measures needed when operating a powered industrial truck.

The first part of the forklift training is classroom training. Here, students will learn the importance and uses of forklifts. It will also teach them the proper maintenance of these trucks.

Here are some of the most common topics involved during classroom training:

  • Forklift overview
  • OSHA rules and regulation
  •   Basic Principles of a Forklift
  •  Pre shift Inspection
  • Parts of a forklift
  • Types of Forklifts, design and stability
  • Safety rules
  • Classification of lifting services
  • Forklift visibility
  • Forklift capacity and stability
  • Driving hazards
  • Working conditions
  • Pedestrian Traffic

Once the classroom training is completed and the written exam passed, successful trainees can proceed to the driving evaluation. This part of the training will allow students to demonstrate the proper ways to drive the forklift while applying the safety measures. A certified instructor will be the one to evaluate the students.

Once the evaluation is passed, a forklift operator certificate will be given. This is valid for three years and must be renewed before its expiration date. For those students who are not able to pass, a retraining may be required. This is also based on the evaluation of the instructor. Besides enrolling in an OSHA approved forklift training center, applicants can also train online. This is also a good way to get your certification fast. Training under your employer with an OSHA certification is also another way to get your certification.

In North Dakota, it is important that applicants are in good physical condition. This is needed when driving a powered industrial truck. Applicants must also be at least 18 years old since OSHA prohibits under aged forklift drivers. They must also be free from any physical or mental disabilities that can hinder their performance as a forklift operator. A good clean background is also important upon application as a forklift operator.

It is important that applicants complete the training. This is the most important part in acquiring your forklift operator certificate. Note that no one is allowed to drive a forklift without proper training or certification. If upon inspection you have no certification to present or if your certification is invalid, a fine of at least $7,000 will be charged to any employee. So make sure that your certification is valid and ready.




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