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Forklift Training In Maine

The state of Maine is home of the nation’s naval ship building and construction. And where there are industrial areas such as this, forklifts and forklift operators are found. If you are an individual who is seeking for employment in the state of Maine then this is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

In Maine, compliance with OSHA is strictly implied. That is why forklift operator training is required. Anyone who without training and certification upon inspection will be fined with at least $7000 per employee, now you don’t want to pay that kind of amount now would you? So if you are interested with this kind of work, get the best forklift training that you can find.

First, enroll yourself in classroom training. The first step in getting your certification is having classroom forklift training. This will teach you the basic things you need to learn about operating a forklift. Usually, classroom training would last for at least 8 hours but this may also depend if there are many topics to discuss. Your training must be given by certified instructors. OSHA does not require applicants to be certified by a company outside the administration so do check if the class you have enrolled in is OSHA certified. As mentioned, topics to be taken may vary in every class and depending on where you have enrolled.

Here are some of the topics covered in classroom training:

  • Forklift Types
  • Forklift Regulations
  • Inspections and Records
  • Anatomy of a Forklift
  • Manual and Warning Label
  • Mast and Forks
  • Center of Gravity
  • Chassis of a Forklift
  • Forklift Stability
  • Static and Dynamic Conditions
  • Elevating Personnel
  • Maintenance of Forklifts
  • Operating and Parking of the Forklift
  • Forklift Related Accidents

A written exam will be given after the training. The exam will cover all the topics discussed during class and applicants are expected to pass it satisfactorily.

Hands-on training is the next step in obtaining a forklift operator certificate. Students will drive an actual forklift while they are being observed. They will be graded and evaluated by their instructor on how they are able to apply what they have learned. Students who perform poorly on both training will have to train all over again or will be retained depending on the instructor. Successful students will be given a certificate that must be renewed every three years with the condition that they must take a refresher course.

Recertification will be needed regardless if they are new or have previous experience. This is non-negotiable and students/applicants must comply for their own safety and convenience. Applicants who had an accident or was involved in a forklift accident must also have a recertification.

Forklift operator certificates are truck specific which means that you must have a certificate for the forklift that you are driving. This is non-transferable which means you cannot use your certificate to drive other types of forklift trucks.




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