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Forklift Training In Idaho

Learning how to operate a forklift requires good skills and techniques. The forklift operator must be able to expertly drive this vehicle in any kinds of working conditions in order to avoid accidents. The state of Idaho requires applicants and individuals interested to work as forklift operators to have proper training as required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178. This is in compliance with the rule of keeping a safe working environment for forklift operators as well as other workers in the company.

There are many options in which a student or applicant can choose to have their training. In the state of Idaho, applicants must enroll in an OSHA approved forklift training facility in order for them to get their certification. Some individuals can also have their certification online while others can have their training and certification by forklift trainers that their company hires. Employers can also train their employees but with the condition that the employers themselves had proper forklift training and certification. This is what “Train the Trainer” program is all about; employers must have their certification in order for them to train their own employees.

In Idaho, applicants must at least be 18 years old upon application since OSHA has prohibited individuals less than 18 years of age to drive a forklift. This is also to ensure proper forklift operation and to avoid any accidents in the workplace. They must pass a background check as well as drug screening. Applicants must be in good physical condition since driving a forklift requires great skills when it comes to controlling and operating a forklift machine. Being a good driver is required but there is no need for any forklift driver’s license in order to drive a powered industrial truck.

Some of the common topics covered in a forklift operator training are the following:

  • Types of Forklifts
  • Forklift Regulations
  • Operator’s Manual
  • Battery Hazards and Care
  • Forklift Chassis
  • Stability of a forklift
  • Static and Dynamic conditions
  • Maintenance Related Accidents
  • Parking and Operating the Forklift
  • Pedestrian Traffic
  • Safe Load Handling
  • Loading and Unloading trailers

As mentioned, not all topics are the same. They can be a combination of all the topics or there may be other topics that will be added. This training must be given by a certified trainer and applicants must pass the written examination. A hands-on training is also given by the instructor. Students will be evaluated if they are qualified for a forklift operator certification. Satisfactory results will give the applicant the opportunity of being certified so make sure you do well with all the examinations given. Forklift operator certification is valid for three years and must be renewed before the expiration date.

A forklift operator certification is given specifically to the type of forklift truck you are driving. This means that your certification can’t be transferred to another forklift. In case you are assigned to another type of forklift, recertification must be done. This means that you have to take a new training for the new type of forklift you will be driving.

Other reasons for recertification are:

  • Driver of the forklift was involved in an accident at work which has caused injury or death to others.
  • Forklift is evaluated as unsafe to use.
  • Driver of the forklift has been observed to use the forklift truck improperly.

Forklift operators can work in construction sites, warehouses, shipping companies and many others. So be sure that you have successfully passed all exams and forklift training.



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