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Forklift Training In Alabama

In Alabama, forklift training is required for individuals who are applying as a forklift operator. Training as a forklift operator varies in different states, just like the state of Alabama; they have their own training courses that applicants must accomplish. The OSHA forklift certification requirement does not require employers to have an outside training nor do they have to repeat any training, this is in complying with 29 CFR 1910.178.

“Train the Trainer” is an important training for an employer. This program will train employers basic training and certify them to train their employees. Forklift certification can be acquired in three easy steps. Applicants must pass the Formal Forklift Training as well as the Practical Forklift Training.

Formal Training involves classroom activities and subjects to be taken related to forklift operation. At the end of the Formal Forklift Training, a written exam related to all topics discussed will be given to applicants. Practical Forklift Training involves a hands-on supervised driving by a certified supervisor. This will teach students how to maneuver and drive a forklift machine.

After the training, the employer will evaluate the employee’s driving ability. The employer will then document this evaluation, take note that documentation of this evaluation does not guarantee a certification yet. If the student has successfully passed all training and came out with a satisfactory evaluation, he will be given a certification.

If the employer certifies an employee this will certify the employer to trust the employee not to:

  • damage any equipment while operating a forklift
  • cause injury or death to themselves while operating a forklift
  • cause injury or death to others while operating a forklift

Some of the common courses may include all but is not limited to the following:

  • Introduction and overview
  • Basic Principles of a Lift Truck: Theory, Design and Operation
  • Safe Operating Procedures
  • Handling Propane Safely
  • Battery and Safety Charging
  • Forklift Familiarization
  • Operating the Forklift
  • Operating the Forklift – Pulling Orders
  • Final Exam

In compliance to OSHA 1910.178, an operator is required to have an on-site evaluation. This will help the evaluator to see how well you work in different working conditions. Be reminded that there is no need to become a licensed driver in order to drive a forklift machine however, individuals with or without forklift experience must train and take the necessary exams in order to be an official forklift operator.

In any case that you want to hire a expert people to train your employees, there are also companies that can do that. They will train your employees to become an expert in forklift operations, teach them how to drive different types of forklifts and equip them with the proper safety techniques.




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Thompson Lift Truck Co.

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